SelectSoftware Reviews

SelectSoftware is a website where we review B2B SaaS products. I’ve been writing there since September 2020, and have focused on software niches like payroll, HCM, and workforce planning.

On a typical month, I’ll review dozens of the companies on a given niche, in some cases talk to them, interview them, or have a demo, and write about the ones that we consider remarkable. I also find new topics to cover, keeping a close eye towards the industry, new companies, new products, and new use cases.

Since 2021 I’ve also been helping to manage a small team of the freelancers we collaborate with. Coaching new writers and editing their work has been a real pleasure. I feel quite proud of some of them, and of SSR as well. Since I joined, we’ve achieved some milestones like doubling our traffic each year, consistently ranking no.1 for some of the keywords we find relevant, and cultivating an international audience of thousands of business professionals that find our work helpful.

Note: This is not copywriting per se (otherwise we wouldn’t be very good at what we do!) but it’s been my main focus since 2020 when it comes to commercial writing so I had to add it to my portfolio.

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