SelectSoftware Reviews

SelectSoftware is a website where we review B2B SaaS products. I've been writing there since September 2020, and have focused on software niches like payroll, HCM, and workforce planning. On a typical month, I'll review dozens of the companies on a given niche, in some cases talk to them, interview them, or have a demo,… Continue reading SelectSoftware Reviews

Content Marketing for Mercedes-Benz

In 2018 I wrote a few promotional posts for the 2019 release of the new Mercedes-Benz Class C models. This was done for a content marketing agency called Noddus based in Madrid. The posts were published in El País. Here's an example.

moon:and:6’s Promo Materials

Moon:and:6`s Editorial Campaign.  I was asked to write the promotional materials for the release of moon:and:6's debut album, out on Maisonneuve Music (Canada) on March 31, 2017. The label expected me to come up with a fresh bio for the artist, a press release, album description and short liner notes for each song. Those words… Continue reading moon:and:6’s Promo Materials