Gentle Wave

This is a jam band I have with a few good friends. It started in 2016 just because we would get together every Monday night and jam for hours. Over the next few years, we recorded days of material, scored two short films, and performed live around Mexico. During all that, we never wrote any… Continue reading Gentle Wave

Ex Replica

This was an experimental rock band where I played bass and synths. We recorded an album by locking ourselves in a cabin and playing the whole thing live. Only minor overdubs where added. It was then mixed in Mexico City by Memo Ibarra from Descartes a Kant, and mastered by Gerry Rosado at Discos Intolerancia.… Continue reading Ex Replica


For a good part of my university years, I had this indie rock band with a few good friends. We had this idea of seeing a band as a startup, so a lot of what I was learning as a marketing major had its training ground here. Over the course of 3 years, we self-produced… Continue reading Jacks