Marketing Consulting – MLG Blockchain

For most of 2018 and the first months of 2019, I worked remotely for this Canadian consulting firm. I planned and created content for clients and, along with a small team, came up with ways of distributing it to increase audiences and foster community growth.

Doing this, we helped several blockchain startups build their following to the thousands and raise millions of dollars in capital. Some of the companies we worked with are Kinesis, ZenSports, Verasity, and Coral Health.

Apart from work for clients, I also did copywriting and content strategy for MLG itself. We started using Hubspot to align our Inbound Marketing efforts, and I was responsible for setting up everything from a landing page with a lead magnet to a sales email sequence, and the automated workflows that made them a seamless experience for each lead.

Here’s an example of an ebook I wrote for MLG a while back when “blockchain” was still a buzzword garnering hype. 


Read more about MLG here.